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 Artist Services

Amplify your creative voice.

Your artistic voice and unique creative practice matter. The opportunities are out there; you've just got to show that you're the right candidate. We can help you hone your application content and provide constructive feedback on your resume and portfolio, whether you're applying for a grant, a residency or a public art opportunity.  Our approach is collaborative and authentic, and recognizes the social and financial value of artists' work.

SERVICES include:

  • Facilitated workshops for artists

  • Grant writing or editing

  • Application content creation & editing for public art, residency or fellowship opportunities

  • Constructive portfolio & documentation feedback

  • Resumé feedback & editing

  • Insight into grant & public art application review processes

  • Identifying resources & opportunities

  • Project management or liaison services for projects in galleries, museums or public spaces

  • Curator services for exhibitions, including exhibit label, web & press release content

  • Cataloging or inventorying artworks

We'll work collaboratively to identify your needs and goals, then provide creative solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Let's connect about what support you need to realize your vision!


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