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Curator Services

Realize your creative vision. 

Envision a unique art experience in your space? LOTUS offers a variety of curator services to develop and implement your art-centered exhibition, programming or project. Our approach is collaborative and authentic, and recognizes the ability of art and artists to reach diverse audiences and spark important conversations.

SERVICES include:

  • Consulting or project planning for art-centered programming

  • Calls for artists

  • Review criteria & selection process

  • Artist research & communication

  • Project management in galleries, museums or public spaces

  • Exhibition coordination

  • Art exhibition program development

  • Facilitate art purchases or commissions, and placement

  • Artist residency research & development

  • Facilitate or develop art projects that focus on humans' relationship with the natural environment

  • Art, historical, or place-based research

  • Grant writing or editing

What are you envisioning? Let's work collaboratively to bring your creative idea to fruition!

PASSION points

  • Art as an entry point to conversations about social or environmental issues.

  • Visitors experiencing art where they might not expect it - like in science centers, history museums or public spaces.

  • Projects that center perspectives or voices that have been traditionally underrepresented.

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